Saturday, 4 July 2009

Why have I got Il Divo on my Ipod?

I blame Emma. There can be no other explanation. I know I like to listen to classics from years gone by while I'm running, but I feel I have to draw the line at Il Divo.

I ran 17 miles yesterday, not the 20 I wanted, but it was still quite bouncy and I was running into a 35-40 knot head wind. I also got hit by 4 waves, which was strangely enjoyable. I've now gone from being 14 miles ahead of sechedule to 1 behind. It's still not the best position to be in, but definitely not the worst.

I now have 101 miles left to run and 44 miles of that will be run this week! I just hope the weather stays as it is now until we get home; not too hot and not too cold. Less wind would be good though.

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