Saturday, 11 July 2009

I tried to do 20 miles, but didn't manage it..............

..........So I did 21 instead! I've finally managed to crack the elusive 20 mile mark and I'm really pleased. I don't think my knees or ankles are though! Many thanks to Bambi who helped me through the last 6 miles! I'm even more pleased that I felt fine all the way through the run. I only stopped at 21 miles because my knees were nipping a bit and I didn't want to overdo things so close to my marathon. I stopped 3 times through this run: For a posh Paula at 3 miles and to top up my water bottles at 10 and 15 miles.

On the injury front, I have blisters under my old blisters and I'm just generally achey. Apart from that I'm absolutely fine. But I know I'll be quite sore in the morning. I'm definitely looking forward to my 5 days off from running.

I am also into my last 50 miles, well 48 to be precise (336 laps) and I'm 8 miles ahead of schedule. Disco Dancing!!

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