Sunday, 5 July 2009

The end is in sight...............

.........Well almost; it's 94 miles away. I can almost smell the finish or is that my feet? Talking of my feet; I think I'm going to lose the nails on both my port and starboard 2nd toes. I've had blisters on them for weeks and the blister has gone under the nail. Not to worry though, as I'm feeling no pain there at the moment. I'll just keep strapping them up and jogging on.

I'm bang on schedule now, which is ok. I'm still disappointed that my 14 mile advantage has disappeared so quickly and I've not much time left to get back ahead. I'm just wishing that I'll be lucky enough to have calm seas for the rest of the deployment.

I've been pledged £2970 at the moment which is absolutely fantastic. It's still not too late to sponsor me though!

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